To me Yoga is a life-style, and to me, each person has the freedom to decide what Yoga means in their life. I am there to facilitate the experience.



Kundalini Yoga on donation

Surya kriya and meditation for absolutely powerful energy Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and dynamic style also known as the yoga of awareness. There are no levels of practice in Kundalini, everyone is welcome to join a kundalini yoga class. Instead of focusing on the...


Gravity Yoga On Donation

Mobility based yoga for office workers  Gravity Yoga is a target mobility-based style following three principles: relax as much as possible on the posture (wet noodle), specific breathing pattern that stimulates the parasympathetic system (whiskey breathing) and meet or beat your hold time (postures are...


From activation to relaxation – Yang to Yin

Virtual Event

Kundalini Yoga Movement Relaxation series and Yin yoga for the hips and shoulders. Bring a blanket, one or two blocks / big books, and cushions for the relaxation and yin yoga part of the session. Upon complete registration, you will receive the zoom link to...

Free – CHF5

Online Yoga for Charity – All 5 classes

Class Schedule: 14th June (18h30 - 20h00): Kundalini Yoga 16th June (18h30 - 20h00): Yin Yoga 17th June (12h00 - 13h00): Chair Yoga - Yoga at work 21st June (19h00 - 20h00): Gravity Yoga 22nd June (18h00 - 20h00): Yang to Yin